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Mon, 9/3:


Tues, 9/4:

Supt’ Conf. Day

Wed, 9/5:

Day 1

Thu, 9/6:

Day 2

Fri, 9/7:

Day 3


I was particularly inspired by this video. I thought that it would be a great way to kick-off the year!


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It is my honor to introduce our new staff members:

    • GUIDANCE COUNSELOR: Melanie Seay will be joining us as our new Guidance Counselor. Melanie completed her internships in Middle School and High school in Kingston and Albany, respectively. For the last five years, Melanie has served as the Guidance Counselor at Abingdon Elementary School in Gloucester, Virginia and she is eager to meet our entire community.
    • 4/5 SPECIAL EDUCATION: Maria Ronne is eager to meet all of her students at the 4th Grade Open House on Tuesday and when school starts on Wednesday. For the last six years, Maria has taught 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade in an Integrated Co-taught classroom at P.S. 51 in Midtown Manhattan. Knowing our community very well, Maria is excited to become a Laker.
    • 7/8 SPANISH: Delfina O’Reilly, our new 7th and 8th Grade Spanish teacher, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Delfina has taught Spanish as a foreign language in Argentina and Ireland and is excited to bring her many experiences and love of the Spanish language  to her students at Greenwood Lake.
    • ENGLISH AS A NEW LANGUAGE (ENL): Hailing from Montgomery, New York, Elaine Burns is excited to join our staff as our new ENL teacher. Elaine brings with her 14 years of experience in the area of teaching English as a second language. Most recently, Elaine taught in the middle schools in Mount Vernon. She has also taught locally, working for the Orange County BOCES and in the Valley Central School District.


I wanted to share a few updates about school security for the year:

  • An Armed Warwick PD Officer will be present during school hours and cover all school activities (Sports, Special Events, Etc.)
    • It is important to note that at the end of an event, or when security is not present, students will not be permitted to enter the building.
  • Gus will be here, unarmed, during school hours
    • Gus will start 30 minutes before the students’ day to review footage from the night before
  • Outside organizations coming into the building after hours have stricter expectations placed on them
  • This year, the board has adopted the following philosophy on school security:  If there are students in the building or on grounds for a function, then there will be armed security


If you have an incoming 4th Grader, please join us from 3:0oPM to 4:00PM in the 4th Grade Classrooms on Tuesday, September 4th. We look forward to seeing you there!


Last year, we started the Student Cellphone and Personal Electronics Device Usage Policy. This policy is important in order to keep students safe in school by reducing the risk of bullying and allowing for there to be fewer distractions, both for themselves and for the classroom teacher. As last year, students will not be permitted to have cellphones and personal electronics out during the school day. With your child, please read the updated letter. We will also backpack home this letter and place it on the website. Let us know if you have any questions.


This year at GWLMS, we grew a garden. Thank you to Alex Vinelli and his team of student craftsmen who built all of our planter boxes. Many thanks are extended to Lisa Warren and Kim Gibel for working with all of the student and parent volunteers who tended to our garden over the summer. We also extend thanks to Chris Ferry and his team of student artists who designed and painted our murals. This was such a team effort! On the blog, you can click on the garden posting to view over 100 pictures documenting how our garden grew.


Sept. 3 Labor Day, NO SCHOOL

Sept. 4 Superintendent’s Conference Day, NO SCHOOL

Sept. 4 4th Grade Orientation @ 3:00 PM–4:00 PM, Fourth Grade Classrooms

Sept. 5 First Day of School!!!

Sept. 7 Ice Cream Social, Elementary School @ 6:30 PM

Sept. 10 Rosh Hashanah, NO SCHOOL

Sept. 12 BOE Meeting, Elementary School (Gym) @ 7:00 PM

Sept. 13 PTSA Meeting, Elementary School (Cafeteria) @ 7:00 PM

Sept. 14 Back-to-School Bash, Middle School (Field) @ 6:00 PM

Sept. 18 Early Dismissal Drill, Middle School @ 2:15 PM

Sept. 19 Yom Kippur, NO SCHOOL

Sept. 24 Middle School Back-to-School Night @ 6:30 PM–7:30 PM


Jeffrey Golubchick (Principal)

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